The Dawning - The Elder Scrolls Online JP guild

私が団長を務めます MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) のギルド「The Dawning」のホームページが完成しました。



Who I am

安藤栄一 Eiichi Ando a.k.a. えいさん, えいちゃん, すのやん, あたりん, Judge Snake.
I am a Japanese living in Japan. and play games in asia/oceania time zone.

Currently playing :

The Elder Scrolls Online (NA/PC)

Eithan @eiichiando - Leader of The Dawning, Vivec, EP.

Have played these games :

FINAL FANTASY 14 (Pandemonium)

Avante Snow - Chocobo farm«coco», Hitokari Ikouze.

The Lord of the Rings Online (Narya)

アタリ, エイチャンド・先割れピーマン, 雪解け, ギルベイン - 帰路の灯火.

BelleIsle ~ベルアイル~

アタリ - アリアバート.

Asheron's Call (Morningthaw)

Atari Snake the Judge - Spec Sword with 4 Scrolls. missing you K.


//JNJ//Snake - Leader of the Clan Judge 'N Jury.